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RPMS Installation on Cache

RPMS Port and Installation on GT.M


Pharmacy: Inpatient Pharmacy Set-up

Pharamcy: Ward Stock Set-up

Pharmacy: Controlled Substances Package Set-up

Pharmacy: KIDS Drug File

Pharmacy: How to enter a drug in VISTA

Pharmacy: NDC Rules etc.


Taskman Tasks

Debugging Taskman Tasks

Taskman Internals

Sys Admin

Adding new Users to VISTA

Cleaning up a Transplanted RPMS or VISTA system

Setting up a Linux Printer for use with VISTA in GT.M

Setting up Mailman for External Email

Basic GT.M Journaling Instructions

VISTA Automatic Sign-on

VISTA Set-up starting from scratch

VISTA XWB Broker Troubleshooting

VISTA System Management Daily or Weekly Tasks


Sam tries to set up Lab


CPRS Configuration: Order Checks

CPRS Configuration: Notifications

Turn off Remote Data Order Checking

Running CPRS on Linux via Wine


Patient Merge Set-up and Use in VISTA

TLS Enable a VISTA Service

Fileman Internals

Copying devices from another environment

Master File Server controlled files

List of known issues with modern Terminal Emulators and VISTA

Mumps Classes

  • Class 1 (Intro, History and Features of M)
  • Class 2 (Structure of Language, variables, etc)
  • Class 3 (Operators)
  • Class 4 (Strings and String Functions ($A, $C, $TR, $L, $P, $E, $F)
  • Class 5 (String pattern matching operator (?), Read, Write Set)
  • Class 6 (Read, Write, Set, Kill)
  • Class 7 (Do, If, $Test)
  • Class 8 (For loop)
  • Class 9 (Routine Walkthrough; debugging with native GT.M and TMGIDE)
  • Class 10 (Routine Walkthrough; $Reference and naked global references
  • Class 11 (Stack, Symbol Table, effect of Do and Goto; New)
  • Class 12 (Extrinsic Functions; passing parameters)
  • Class 13 ($Order and $Data)
  • Class 14 ($Query, $QS and $QL)
  • Class 15 (Indirection, Xecute, $Get, $Text)
  • Class 16 ($Text, $Name, $Random, $Reverse etc)
  • Class 17 (Locks)
  • Class 18 (Devices: Files, Null, Terminal, TCP)
  • Class 19 (Devices: Pipe; using ^%ZIS)
  • Class 20 (Job command; Transactions in Mumps)
  • Class 21 (Error Processing in Mumps)

Fileman API Classes

  • Class 1 (Intro, ^DIR, ^DIC, ^%DT, ^%DTC, ^XLFDT)
  • Class 2 (EN^DDIOL, %RCR, EN1^DIP, ^DIE, ^DIK)

Student Projects

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