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Manual installation is obsolete; new installations of both GT.M and VistA are more easily done with Astronaut.


The manual method may be needed for updating GT.M in a previously installed system.

These instructions were done on an Ubuntu Jaunty desktop linux machine, with VistA previously installed using Astronaut.

  • Start by logging into your Astronaut installation and doing a backup
  • Go to the Sourceforge site for GTM.
  • Find the latest release. As of 12 August 2009 it looks like:
   gtm_V53004A_linux_i686_pro.tar.gz  	 linux, mac, windows, bsd, solaris, others  	6.2 MiB  	Wed Aug 12 2009 15:48  	0
  • Note: Release Notes will be found at the Fidelity Information Services website
  • Make a tmp directory in /opt/lsb-gtm/ and download the file to it either using your browser, or by taking your terminal there and using wget. Then unzip it:
mkdir /opt/lsb-gtm/tmp/
cd /opt/lsb-gtm/tmp/
tar zxfv gtm_V53004A_linux_i686_pro.tar.gz 
[verbose output omitted]
  • Run the configure routine, directing it to create a directory
                     GT.M [[Configuration~|Configuration]] Script
Copyright 2009 Fidelity National Information Services, Inc. Use of this
software is restricted by the provisions of your license agreement.

What account should own the files? (bin)  <== Enter
Should execution of GT.M be restricted to a group? (y or n)  <== Enter
In what directory should GT.M be installed? /opt/lsb-gtm/gtm_V53004A_i686  <== Enter this directory path

Directory /opt/lsb-gtm/gtm_V53004A_i686 does not exist. Do you wish to create it as part of
this installation? (y or n) y  <== Enter the y

Installing GT.M....

Should unicode support be installed? (y or n) y  <== Enter

All of the GT.M MUMPS routines are distributed with uppercase names.
You can create lowercase copies of these routines if you wish, but
to avoid problems with compatibility in the future, consider keeping
only the uppercase versions of the files.

Do you want uppercase and lowercase versions of the MUMPS routines? (y or n)n  <== Enter

Compiling all of the MUMPS routines. This may take a moment.

%GDE-I-GDUSEDEFS, Using defaults for Global Directory 

%GDE-I-VERIFY, [[Verification~|Verification]] OK

%GDE-I-GDCREATE, Creating Global Directory file 

%GDE-I-GDUSEDEFS, Using defaults for Global Directory 

%GDE-I-VERIFY, [[Verification~|Verification]] OK

%GDE-I-GDCREATE, Creating Global Directory file 

Installation completed. Would you like all the temporary files
removed from this directory? (y or n) y <== enter the y
  • Remove the gtm symlink if you have one and create a new one.
cd /opt
sudo rm gtm
sudo ln -s gtm_V53004A_i686 gtm
ls -l gtm
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 11 2009-08-14 17:52 gtm -> gtm_V53004A_i686
  • You can go to your vista user space and check the version:
su - vista
vista@...:~$ gtm

GTM>W $ZVersion
GT.M V5.3-004A Linux x86
  • GT.M is upgraded. The database is backed up, so it's safe to upgrade it to run with the new GT.M:
mupip upgrade /opt/lsb-gtm/EHR/g/mumps.dat
  • --and try it out:

Welcome to VistA Commander

 1) Programmer Mode (D ^XUP)
 2) User Mode (D ^ZU)
 3) Fileman (D P^DI)

[[Prompt~|Prompt]]> 3

VA FileMan 22.0

Select OPTION: 
  • Congratulations!

Installing and Using Unicode